The New, The Old & The Dusty

A series dedicated to hits and deep cuts from today, years back, and joints so old only your parents might know ’em.

Originally posted on late 2018

Rising Atlanta rapper and singer Sahbabii

Anime Wolrd — Sahbabii (2018)

Snippets and leaks are common place within today’s modern rap landscape, and very rarely do the fully formed songs ever capture the excitement that the 15 second clips provide. Yet after over a year of waiting, not only do fans get to hear a full version that sits above previous expectations of the leaked and heavily rumored “Anime World”, it comes packaged in an equally long awaited, and enjoyable project Squidtastic . The track is loaded with Asian themed references including Samurai Jack and Nujabes, but doesn’t come off as corny or pretentious the way most artists deliver similar topics. Sahbabii is one of many newer Atlanta acts that appeared over the last few years that carry similar characteristics to Young Thug, but as each artist progresses and adds their own flare to the Thugger template, it’s become harder to argue Sahbabii isn’t the best of the pack.

Logic circa 2011

Logic — One (2011)

Days ago Logic announced the revival of his acclaimed Young Sinatra series with the date of September 28th being set for “the return of the boom bap to the Ratt Pack”. Looking back on the previous 3 Young Sinatra tapes, the opening track to the inaugural tape still feels like the mission statement for Logic up until his most recent run of official Def Jam albums. A Sinatra sample loop, and quick jabs about his upbringing and what he wishes to do within rap music are in retrospect simple base level acts, but they were the ground work for what was one of the best run of mixtapes this decade. This series of tapes was a breath of fresh air to be coupled with the Wale, Big K.R.I.T. and J. Cole, that has now lead to him being commercially at the forefront of raps reigning class.

Guitar legend George Benson

George Benson — This Masquerade (1976)

A legend off smooth jazz and one of the best guitar players the world has seen, George Benson has recently gotten a boost by being called in by Damon Albarn to play on the lead single of The Gorillaz most recent LP The Now Now. Yet decades ago, on his Grammy winning album Breezin’ Benson delivers one of his hallmark tracks featuring an accompaniment swooning strings and piano (played by Jorge Dalto) that plays as the perfect sidekick to George’s easy going guitar playing. This single drove the popularity of the album and was the start of a multi-album run with producer Tommy LiPuma, that boosted Benson’s commercial success to new heights through the late 70′s




Founder & Head Of Gembox Entertainment. South Florida Superstar.

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Anthony Seaman

Anthony Seaman

Founder & Head Of Gembox Entertainment. South Florida Superstar.

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